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3 things parents must do during a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2023 | Family Law |

Parents who decide to end their relationship must ensure they consider how to handle things with their children. Ideally, the kids will still have both parents to support and love them. 

There are many things that parents should and shouldn’t do when they’re going through a divorce. Remember to include these three things on the list of things you must do during this period of change. 

1. Encourage relationships with their whole family

Your children’s relationships are important, so you must encourage them to continue those. It might be hard for them to adjust to having two distinctly different families. Let them know that you realize their relationships with your ex’s side of the family are important and that you support them. 

2. Prepare the children for the upcoming changes

Changes are scary for children. Take the time to let them know what to expect. Be sure you’re giving them accurate information. Never make promises you can’t keep. It may help if you and your ex talk to them together. Seeing both parents continuing to work as a parenting team may help to ease their stress a bit. 

3. Avoid negativity toward the situation or the other parent

Try not to be negative around your children. This includes saying bad things about situations or their other parent. You can help them to see that even difficult periods of change can have good sides to them. This can become a positive coping mechanism for them throughout life. 

Ultimately, you have to put the kids first. One way you can do this is by setting up the parenting plan as quickly as possible when you separate. This should include all the terms that will govern the parenting relationship between you and your ex.