When experience matters, don’t leave your future to chance.

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When experience matters, don’t leave your future to chance.

Will a DUI threaten your career?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | DUI |

If the police arrest you and charge you with drunk driving, you will rightly be concerned about fines and jail time. If you do not use your car that much, you may consider a license suspension a mere inconvenience. Yet a DUI can also affect your career.

It all comes down to what job you currently do or might like to do in the future. Unfortunately, a DUI can affect a whole range of careers, including those that have nothing to do with driving.

It certainly will affect driving job

If you drive passengers around, you might need to look for another career, at least for a while. Understandably most employers do not want to risk the safety of their passengers, and in their eyes, anyone with a DUI presents an above-average risk.

Jobs related to children

Yet you might need to drive someone else’s kids around if you provide childcare. Few parents will allow someone with a DUI conviction to do that with their children.

Even if you never need to transport kids in your car, many parents will not want someone with a criminal record caring for their children. Hence jobs such as working in a kindergarten or school could also be ruled out or become much more difficult to secure.

Serving your country

The military may not accept your application, especially if this is not your first DUI. Some government positions may also be out of your grasp.

If you are facing DUI charges, remember that you still have a chance to avoid a conviction. Consider legal help to fight the charges and protect your career options.