When experience matters, don’t leave your future to chance.

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When experience matters, don’t leave your future to chance.

Potential hazards in a second marriage

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Most people in Tennessee are likely familiar with the statistics that suggest they will have a 50% chance at success when they enter into a marriage for the first time. However, not as many of them are aware of the fact that the prospects of a successful marriage are less when they muster the courage to try marriage for a second time.

Two out of three people who enter a second marriage will experience a second divorce. And nearly 75% of third marriages become terminated through the courts. Several reasons may explain why people enjoy less chance for marital success the second time around.

Marrying for the wrong reasons

People who lose their first marital partner often find it difficult to live their life alone. These feelings of loneliness can result in hasty decisions down the line. When this tendency to make rushed decisions includes entering into a marriage without thinking things through maturely and rationally, set the stage for future failure.

Individuals considering marriage should know as much as possible about the entire life of their potential mate. It is helpful to understand how a person handles stress, a string of bad luck, criticisms, and the other challenges of life before pledging lifelong allegiance to them. Unfortunately, individuals on the rebound tend to make these decisions before giving themselves enough time to make an informed decision regarding relationships and marriage.

Fallout from first marriages

Second marriages can also become collateral damage to the unsettled issues from a first marriage. One of these potential problems is trouble caused by a disgruntled ex-spouse. Angry exes are notorious for using the courts and other means to make things difficult for an ex-partner that is successfully moving on with their lives.

The stepchildren inherited from a first marriage can also add strain to subsequent marriages. It is common for spouses to disagree on how to raise children. But these disagreements can become more serious when one spouse is not a biological parent of a child.

Most people enter a marital union with the thought they have found the person with whom they will spend the rest of their life. However, at least half of marriages will fall short of lifelong bliss. Individuals who consider ending their marriage through the divorce process may benefit from speaking with a family law attorney.